What Happened to Sunnyboy Ice Blocks

Sunnyboy Ice Blocks

The Sunnyboy was an iconic part of Australian childhood from the 1960s to the 1990s, known for its pyramid-shaped tetra-pak and vibrant flavours. However, despite the strong nostalgic attachment, the brand eventually succumbed to a decline in sales, leading to…

What Happened to Mini Wheats in Australia?

What Happened to Mini Wheats in Australia

Kellogg’s used to sell the cereal Mini Wheats in Australia. But it disappeared from our shelves a few years ago. What happened to Mini Wheats and are there any alternatives for those craving a mini wheats fix. What Was Kellogg’s…

What Happened to Dollarmites?

Dollarmites school banking program Australia

Do you remember school banking day and the yellow Dollarmites books. For many Australians this was part of school. But the Dollarmites program no longer exists. Here’s why it was shut down: What Was Dollarmites Dollarmites was a school banking…

What Happened to Video Ezy?

What Happened to Video Ezy

If you grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, a video store would have been a common occurrence. Video Ezy dominated the video rental market in Australia with over 500 stores and 40% of market share. But what happened…

What Happened to Space Food Sticks

Space Food Sticks

Space Food Sticks were a lunch box item available in Australia until 2014. Here’s the history of Space Food Sticks and what happened to them. What Were Space Food Sticks Space Food Sticks were developed by the Pillsbury Company in…

What Was Coles New World

Coles New World

Do you remember Coles New World? Coles was always known as just Coles. In 1962 a new type of supermarket was launched – Coles New World. What Was Coles New World In 1962 Coles launched the first Coles New World…