What Happened to Mini Wheats in Australia?

Kellogg’s used to sell the cereal Mini Wheats in Australia. But it disappeared from our shelves a few years ago. What happened to Mini Wheats and are there any alternatives for those craving a mini wheats fix.

Mini Wheats in Australia

What Was Kellogg’s Mini Wheats

Mini Wheats were small pillow shaped shredded wheat bites. They came in a 5 grain variety as well as filled varieties which contained a Blackcurrant or Mixed Berry filling. Kellogg’s Mini Wheats were similar to Frosted Mini Wheats which are sold in the U.S but without the somewhat gross sugar frosting. Although they still contained sugar, they were definitely a healthier alternative to frosted mini wheats.

Why Did Kellogg’s Discontinue Mini Wheats in Australia

Kellogg’s stopped selling mini wheats in Australia due to lack of demand. Although it’s hard to know if this was the real reason. Manufacturing costs may have been too high and the cereal might not of been profitable enough for Kellogg’s in Australia.

Will Kellogg’s Bring Back Mini Wheats?

I highly doubt Kellogg’s Will bring back mini wheats in Australia, especially if they canned the product due to lack of demand.

Are there Any Kellogg’s Mini Wheats Alternatives?

Uncle Tobys sells a product called Fruity Bites. While it may look similar to Mini Wheats, it’s actually very different. It’s not made with shredded wheat and it just becomes a soggy mess. Because Mini Wheats used shredded wheat they tended to not get as soggy when milk was added.

The British Supermarket M&S make a product called Blueberry Wheats. It is pretty much identical to what Mini Wheats were in Australia. The problem is getting it in Australia can be tricky. The British Corner Shop offers British products in Australia and does stock the cereal.

If you’re after just Shredded Wheat, Uncle Tobys sells shredded wheat in Australia.

Nestle makes a product called Blueberry Wheats. It also looks very similar to the old Mini Wheats in Australia. It’s available for TasteOfIreland which is an Australian online store selling British products.

So while you won’t be able to get Kellogg’s Mini Wheats anymore, there are some good alternatives.

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