What Happened to Sunnyboy Ice Blocks

The Sunnyboy was an iconic part of Australian childhood from the 1960s to the 1990s, known for its pyramid-shaped tetra-pak and vibrant flavours. However, despite the strong nostalgic attachment, the brand eventually succumbed to a decline in sales, leading to its discontinuation in 2016

Sunnyboy Ice Blocks

What were Sunnyboy Ice blocks

Sunnyboys were a beloved Australian brand of flavoured ice blocks, known for their distinctive tetrahedral shape and colourful packaging. First introduced in the 1960s by Berri Limited, Sunnyboys quickly became a popular treat for kids and adults alike, available in a variety of fruity flavours such as Orange Explosion, Razz Raspberry, Zap Lime, and Glug Cola.

Throughout the 1970s, the brand experimented with other flavours such as Pineapple ‘Pow’ (later ‘Big Daddy’) and Hawaiian Punch. In October 1996, Buzz Blackcurrant flavour was added to the mix.

These ice blocks were a staple at tuckshops, milk bars, and convenience stores across Australia, particularly from the 1960s through to the 1990s.

Why was the Sunnyboy Discontinued

In late September 2016, manufacturer The Daily Juice Co. announced they were discontinuing Sunnyboys due to a reduction in consumer demand over several years. A petition on change.org was created to continue the production of the ice block, but it failed to gather the required number of signatures.

While many people missed the ice block when it disappeared the reality is people were just buying iced blocks like they used to.

Can You Still Buy Sunnyboy Ice Blocks?

No Sunnyboy Ice Blocks are no longer available. The good news is it looks like there are some alternatives. The closest alternative to the Sunnyboy is the Sunquick Ice Lolly. It features the same type shape as the Sunnyboy.

Are Sunnyboy Ice Blocks Coming Back?

No. With consumers being more health conscience, Sunnyboys aren’t expected to return in their original form. If they were to return, I imagine they would need to be made with less sugar and perhaps just made from juice.

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