What Happened to River Cottage Australia?

River Cottage Australia was a television series adaptation of the UK series River Cottage, which aired from 2013 to 2016. The show followed host Paul West, a chef and farmer, as he attempted to live a sustainable life by growing his own produce.

When Did River Cottage Australia End

River Cottage ended in 2016. It was announced in January 2017 that the program had been cancelled. You can still watch old episodes of River Cottage Australia on Foxtel and Binge.

Why Did Foxtel Cancel River Cottage Australia

Foxtel hasn’t given any specific reasons as to why they chose not continue with River Cottage Australia. The move came after a restructure and River Cottage Australia didn’t make the cut.

Who Owns River Cottage Now

River Cottage Australia is owned by Sydney Tristan Diethelm. The property was listed on the market in 2017. Paul West and his family relocated to Newcastle. The property was owned by Keo Films.

The River Cottage Australia house is now listed as an Airbnb. Fans of the show can stay at the house.

What Happened to Digger from River Cottage Australia

Although the livestock was sold off, Digger stayed with Paul West and his family.

Will River Cottage Australia Come Back?

I would say it’s very unlikely that River Cottage Australia will come back. Seeing as the production company chose to sell the property there is little chance the original River Cottage Australia will return. Of course there is a chance a new River Cottage Australia could be made using a new location and perhaps a new host.

What is Paul West Doing Now

Since River Cottage Australia, Paul West has released books as well as appeared on radio. He is the founder of GrowItLocal, an online community focused on local growers.

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