What Was Coles New World

Do you remember Coles New World? Coles was always known as just Coles. In 1962 a new type of supermarket was launched – Coles New World.

Coles New World

What Was Coles New World

In 1962 Coles launched the first Coles New World Supermarket. Coles New World put Groceries, Dairy, Meat, Fruit & Vegetables and Frozen food all in the one store. This was a new type of store in Australia and Coles New World carried the slogan “A New World of Shopping”.

Coles New World Supermarkets

The First Coles New World Supermarket was in Frankston Victoria. The store featured a giant 10 metre long rocket. The store had over 2000 square feet of grocery space and was the largest range of groceries in Victoria.

What Happened To Coles New World?

Coles changed the branding of Coles New World to Coles Supermarkets in 1991. In 1998 they were once again rebranded to just Coles. Coles New World was the perfect branding during the age of the Space Race but would be out of place today.

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